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Necessary requirements:
- You have an ID-card or Mobiil-ID or Smart-ID;
- You have PIN-codes for digital signature (it is possible to receive in banks);
- The software DigiDoc4 is installed on your computer:
| install for Estonia | install for Finland | install for Latvia | install for Lithuania |

The rules of execution of special terms for new customers with use of the digital signature:
1. Download the application from our site.
2. Open the downloaded file application_en.rtf, fill all fields of the application and save the file.
3. Open the folder with the file application_en.rtf, press the right button of the mouse on the file and choose in the dropping menu "Sign digitally".
4. In the opened window of program DigiDoc press buttons "Sign" and enter a PIN-code. The file application_en.asice will be created.
5. Make the color scanned copy or photo of the identity document (passport or ID-card or card of residence permit or driver license).
6. Send the file application_en.asice and the file with the copy of the identity document by e-mail to fogot@fogot.ee
7. After reception of documents we shall send to e-mail which is specified in the application the message about readiness to execute exchanges.

Personal data collection is caused by the requirements of the "Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act".
The data will be retained for five years after the completion of business relations.


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