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Necessary requirements:
- You have an ID-card or Digi-ID or a card of residence permit;
- You have the cards reader (it is possible to buy in any bank);
- You have PIN-codes for ID-card (it is possible to receive in banks);
- The software for ID-cards is installed on your computer:
| install for Estonia | install for Finland | install for Latvia | install for Lithuania |

The rules of execution of special terms for new customers with use of the digital signature:
1. Download the application from our site.
2. Open the downloaded file application_en.rtf, fill all fields of the application and save the file.
3. Open the folder with the file application_en.rtf, press the right button of the mouse on the file and choose in the dropping menu " Allkirjasta digitaalselt " (the ID-card should be inserted into the cards reader).
4. In the opened window of program DigiDoc consistently press buttons "Confirm", "Save", "Sign" and enter a PIN-code. The file application_en.bdoc (or application_en.ddoc) will be created.
5. Make the color scanned copy of the identity document (passport or ID-card or card of residence permit or driver license). Can photograph the document if there is no scanner.
6. Send the file application_en.bdoc (or application_en.ddoc) and the file with the copy of the identity document by e-mail to fogot@fogot.ee
7. After reception of documents we shall send to e-mail which is specified in the application the message about readiness to execute exchanges.


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