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Public Limited Company FOGOT (FOGOT AktsiaSelts)

Public Limited Company FOGOT (FOGOT AS) was set-up in November 1990 and is registered by Estonian Republic power institutions in February 1991. In June 1997, FOGOT AS successfully passed state re-registration procedure. Starting from 1998, FOGOT AS conducts only financial activity, while the other activities had been passed to daughter or subsidiary dependent companies. The year 2002 became the starting point for commercial projects in Internet. March 2003 - set-up and beginning of successful operation of exchange office for converting electronic into hard currency and vice versa. In 2008 FOGOT AS is included in the state register of activity as the financial enterprise. After introduction of obligatory licensing any financial activity in 2014 FOGOT AS has received the license of the financial establishment. In 2020 FOGOT AS has stopped financial activity, work of publishing house is continued. Authorized capital of FOGOT AS is 25 600 EUR.


Fogot AS, reg.nr. 10225817
Narva mnt 38, Tallinn, Estonia, 10150

Postal address: FOGOT AS, PK 3438, Tallinna Peapostkontor, 10001 Tallinn, Estonia

Fax: +372 6321681

Banking details:
IBAN: EE821010220231021220
Bank: SEB PANK, Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Estonia

Net details:
e-mail: fogot@fogot.ee

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