reg. nr. 10225817


of new user - private person
Personal data collection is caused by the requirements of the "Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act".
The data will be retained for five years after the completion of business relations.

1. Name ____________________ Surname ____________________
    (given as in accordance with identification document)

2. Personal code/date of birth ________________________________
    (please give DOB in case you do not have a personal code)

3. Residential address ______________________________________
    (please give a residential address or address of registration)

4. Telephone _______________

5. E-mail __________________

6. WMID ____________________

7. Occupation ____________________________________________
    (For example: unemployed, student, an employee of commercial enterprise, office employee, etc.)

8. I am a politically imposed person2, member of his family, close colleague ____
    (please put YES or NO)

Please perform for me a transaction with WebMoney in accordance with terms of CONTRACT OF RECORD (

_______________ _______________
date signature

2 Politically imposed persons:
1) Head of State, of Government, Minister, Deputy Minister and Assistant of Minister;
2) Member of Parliament;
3) Judge of Supreme Court, of Constitutional Court or any other higher courts, whose judgments might be appealed further only in exceptional cases;
4) Board member of state control body and board member of Central Bank;
5) Ambassador, charge d'affaires and higher military officer;
6) Member of management, supervisory and administration bodies of state commercial union.