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Privileged exchange of USD into WMZ

  • A person using the services of Fogot AS the first time should execute special terms for new customers.
  • WMID should be registered on the person who is the sender of payment.
  • Owner WMID with the alias WM-passport should receive the formal WM-passport.
  • The legal entity can add funds to the own WMID if it has the Capitaller or Transact Automation Tool WM-passport.
  • Exchange application


    Z-purse number:*

    amount of USD:*


    payer's bank:*

    bank's country:*


    Notification of exchange activity   

  • You should transfer USD, indicating in the details of payment your Z-purse number and code 7D.
  • We deduct our remuneration 1%, WebMoney system commission 0.8% out of exchangeable amount and forwards the balance to the Z-purse number, provided in payment order.
  • Exchange conduction term takes 7 days, counting from value date of amounts for the exchange.
  • Payments less than 500 USD or without the privileged code 7D will exchange with the usual commission and term.

  • Banking details for filling in the payment order:
    Beneficiary name: FOGOT, Tallinn, Estonia
    Beneficiary account: EE821010220231021220
    Beneficiary bank: SEB PANK, Tallinn, Estonia
    BIC (SWIFT) code: EEUHEE2X
    Details of payment: Agreement Zxxxxxxxxxxxx 7D
  • Note:

  • Zxxxxxxxxxxxx - this is the number of your Z-purse - the account to receive WMZ;
  • 7D - code of privileged exchange.
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