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Exchange of WMZ into USD
bank transfer

Exchange application, WMZ–>USD


Z-purse number:*

Amount of WMZ:*

Beneficiary, City, Country:*

Beneficiary account or IBAN:*

Beneficiary bank, City, Country:*

Beneficiary bank code SWIFT:*


Types of payment:

Notification of exchange activity

  • You send exchange application, having filled obligatory fields.
  • We forward the invoice with your banking details to your WM Keeper.
  • You should pay the invoice, but beforehand do check correctness of your banking details, indicated in the invoice's field "delivery address".
  • We will deduct our remuneration and our bank commission 10 USD and forwards the balance to your banking details indicated in paid invoice.
  • Example of calculation:
      - new customer: WMZ 1000x0,97=970-10=960 USD
      - regular customer: WMZ 1000x0,975=975-10=965 USD
      - VIP-customer: WMZ 1000x0,98=980-10=970 USD
  • A person using the services of Fogot AS the first time should execute special terms for new customers.
  • WMID should be registered on the person who is the addressee of payment.
  • Owner WMID with the alias WM-passport should receive the formal WM-passport.
  • The legal entity can withdraw funds from the own WMID if it has the Capitaller or Transact Automation Tool WM-passport.
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