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Conditions of exchanging WME into EEK

  • A person using the services of Fogot AS the first time shall submit an application and a copy of personal or registration document before making an exchange: special terms for new customers.
  • WMID should be registered on the person who is the addressee of payment. If fields of your WM-passport are closed for viewing it is necessary to add on the site of the center of certification ours WMID 767985338884 in the list of the entrusted identifiers by which viewing your personal data is resolved.
  • The user with the formal WM-passport should load the color-scanned copy of all significant pages of the passport to the site of the center of certification.
  • From WMID with the alias WM-passport payments are not accepted. Owner WMID with the alias WM-passport should receive the formal WM-passport: on the Passport Service it is necessary to choose Login -> Control panel -> WM Passport -> Receiving a new passport -> Receive a formal passport, to fill the personal data and to press the button "Save". The formal WM-passport will be received.
  • The legal entity can add funds to the WMID that is registered to its representative and is used in interests of the legal entity.
  • Our exchange office works from 9:00 till 19:00 (EET), on Saturday - from 10:00 till 15:00, on Sunday - day off.
  • Exchange activities are conducted on basis of Contract of Record and in compliance with its provisions.
  • 1 WME = 15.62 EEK
  • Amount acceptable for exchange starts from 2 WME. The maximum limit for the exchange is 12 500 WME. The general limit of exchanges for WMID with the formal WM-passport is 3 000 WME per day.
  • Our commission is         4%  
        For regular customers -   3%  
        For VIP customers     -   2%  
  • Example of calculation:
    New customer      - WME 1000x0,96=960x15,62-2=14 993.20 EEK
    Regular customer - WME 1000x0,97=970x15,62-2=15 149.40 EEK
    VIP customer       - WME 1000x0,98=980x15,62-2=15 305.60 EEK
  • Exchange conduction term takes 24 hours, counting from value date of amounts for the exchange; for new clients (first exchange) - 48 hours. Weekends and banking holidays should not be taken into account.
  • One should use English alphabet to fill in compulsory fields in exchange application forms.
  • Coming to exchange of WME into EEK:
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